“My girlfriend’s family has trusted Dr. Welfare for years, so when we adopted a new puppy, it was an easy choice. Now, having said that, I’ve had pets my whole life and have used several other veterinary offices. They’ve been fine and I genuinely had no complaints. However, now that we’ve had multiple appointments with Dr. Welfare I can say that this place is like no other. Amazing medical care with a tremendous bedside (telephone, lol covid) manner. I genuinely felt myself wishing that he was a people Dr. so he could be our doctor as well. We will settle for letting our little puppy experience the best medical care that I believe is even possible. If you have any hesitation, move past it and book your appointment. This place is the real deal and my pets have never had it so good.”
-Shawn Herrin

“North Powers Animal is the BEST! Dr. Carlson is so compassionate, thorough, skilled and knowledgeable. We really appreciate how she takes her time, explains things in a way that is easy to understand, and is so willing to answer questions.”
-Patti Z.

“I just wanted to say how grateful Gary and I are at how much care and attention the newest member of our family, our sweet little angel, Charlie has received since we adopted him 3 weeks ago. From the kind, wonderful, and professional front desk staff like Cheryl and others to the kind, patient, and understanding team behind the scenes like Nancy, Dr. Smith (for his wellness check), and Dr. Markel (for his teeth cleaning and oral care). You have made Charlie and us feel like family! Charlie is the first pup we have been able to adopt in some time (20 years at least for me) and all of the education and care we have received in order to be the best pup parents we can be is truly invaluable to us! So thank you North Powers Animal Hospital! As a former member of the veterinary hospital field, I can honestly say this is the best and most professional team I have ever witnessed! Thank you again and God Bless you all!”
-Melissa B.

“Why can’t they all be like North Powers Animal Hospital?? Sigh. They are ALWAYS amazing. Always accommodating. Helpful. Kind. Patient. And Dr. Welfare is highly recommended!!! My dogs honestly love him- my bigger Doodle does for sure. You won’t find a better vet in the Springs. Thank you!”
-Jenetts J.

“The staff was very knowledgeable and the veternarian spent more time with us sharing education and answering questions than our human primary care doctor. They also look to offer the best animal healthcare possible by promoting preventative care and running the most advanced diagnostics available.”
-Joel M.

“Dr. Markel’s delivery is sweet and kind. We love her and we’re so glad we have a vet we can trust here.”
-Ashley P.

“Dr. Welfare is truly the most competent and compassionate veterinarian I have ever encountered. I cannot speak highly enough of him and his staff. Dr. Welfare’s prime concern is his patient and his/her person. Time spent is no issue—and I am grateful”

-Ann. R

“This hospital is literally the best I’ve ever taken my dog to. I had soo many questions to ask and answered them with the best and most understanding answers. They took really good care of my baby and still are, staff and doctors are amazing! 10/10”
-Taylor V

“The staff is so friendly, caring and always helpful. They are more like friends and treat my fur baby Hannah as one of their own. I’m eternally grateful and thankful we found NPAH for Hannah and her medical needs.”

“North powers animal clinic always makes it easy experience for the pet owner and a happy experience for the pet”
-Susan E.

“Dr Pyne has gone above and beyond to take care of our little dog, Asoka. She has researched and spoke with other professionals across the United States to find medication to help her. We really appreciate Dr. Pyne because she Truly cares.”

“Dr. Welfare is an excellent communicator, saw my dog on an emergency basis and was very helpful, his staff is also very responsive and knowledgeable.”
-Joanne H.

“I have never spent 36 minutes with a vet talking about what was going on with my dog. I appreciate the time and thoroughness of the visit. I feel very empowered to make a decision about my dog’s care moving forward.”

“Love that Dr. Carlson takes the time to explain everything in detail & answer our questions. I’ve never had a vet be so thorough with us in this way, and one who clearly knows and cares about our fur babies. I appreciate her & the staff so much.”

“I’m always impressed with the service and care provided by everyone at North Powers Animal Hospital. Any questions are answered with courtesy and respect. Education is provided with dignity and without judgment.”

“NPAH staff, every one of them, deserve a rating well beyond 5⭐️ Our language is inadequate to describe the depths of courtesy, compassion, knowledge and professionalism.”
-Teresa J.

“Fabulous! Professional, prompt, and extremely knowledgable! Dr. Markel is the best. Kind, compassionate, and thorough. I rarely post comments or reviews but they are so great I had to give them my support!”
-Nancy J.

“My dog had a severe anaphylactic episode. She was near death, but your team responded quickly and gave her the care she needed. We had never visited the clinic before, but everyone was extremely kind and communicated well. You saved her life!”
-Jeremy S.

“Dr. Markel and the staff at North Powers are top notch.”
-Ashley M., Google

“The team is patient and kind from the front office staff to the doctor. They are thorough and attentive to the care of our pets.”
-Michelle F., Google

“Absolutely our favorite vet of all time! Russell and his staff are amazing. Love love love this practice!”
-Brandon H., Google

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“I just wanted to say thanks to NPAH. I’ve been bringing my cat here for a year and a half. The front desk staff are always kind and courteous. They do an amazing job of juggling the phones and patients every time I’m in, and always ensure you are taken care of. On my most recent visit I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Smith. My cat has kidney issues that are advancing, and she did a wonderful job of patiently and kindly explaining all of the issues and what could be done. This is a great animal hospital with a great team. I highly recommend them!”
-Todd Y., Facebook

“Recently moved to the Springs from Denver and my chocolate lab cut her pad right before Thanksgiving. We were able to get an appointment first thing and are all taken care of! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, going out of their way to making human and animal comfortable.”
-Danielle G., Google

“I have been in rescue for 20 years and have been to almost every clinic in town. NPAH, is by far the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable place around. Even if we disagree on matters of pet care, they are open to learning new protocols using natural products such as essential oils.”
-Christine M., Facebook

“North Powers Animal Hospital is the gold standard for care for your best friends. We have been going there for years, which means we have experienced the wonderful highs and sad lows of owning a pet. We couldn’t have asked for better care through it all! They truly are Angels!!!”
-Nicole C., Google

“Doctor Welfare and the staff are amazing. They listen to your concerns and address them with ease and understanding. I was more than happy to drive over 40 minutes to take my dog to this wonderful vets office.”
-Sara G., Yelp