Exotic Pet Care

Not all pets have fur

At North Powers Animal Hospital, we’re proud to be able to offer care to pets of the non-furry variety as well!

We have experience caring for a wide range of exotic animals. Our staff has the necessary knowledge and abilities to treat illnesses and disorders in companion animals of these types. If you are interested in whether or not we care for your particular pet, please give us a call today and we can help answer these questions.

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See what other exotic pet parents have said

Dr. Markel holding Jorge

“I have an unusual pet (a snake) and I really appreciate how caring and generally lovely everyone is with him. Dr. Markel is knowledgeable and listens to my concerns and provides great feedback on the specialized care a reptile requires.”

NPAH Response: Jorge did a fantastic job at his wellness visit with Dr. Markel. Family members come in all shapes and sizes. At North Powers Animal Hospital, we love providing excellent care for our exotic patients