COVID-19 Latest Updates

May 28, 2021

Dear North Powers Animal Hospital Family and Friends,

North Powers Animal Hospital wants to thank all our clients for their dedication and understanding over the past year while we and the whole world dealt with this pandemic. We want nothing more than to see our clients and patients face to face again inside our hospital. We are working toward opening our hospital to the public as soon as possible in a way that keeps our staff and clients safe. Check back for updates and keep an eye on your email and social media.

Stay well,

Dr. Welfare and the Team at North Powers Animal Hospital

April 24, 2020

Dear North Powers Animal Hospital Family and Friends,

We hope all of you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe through this pandemic. We will continue to operate and provide your pets the best care possible and serve our community.

As we approach the end date of the stay-at-home mandate, we wanted to reach out to all of you and let you know North Powers Animal Hospital’s lobby is going to remain closed beyond 4/27/20. This is due to several factors.

  • Even with all of the additional safety protocols we have in place, we are still in contact with many people.
  • One of the things we now know about COVID-19 is that people are transmitting it prior to showing clinical signs.
  • While the virus does not spread very well through the air, small enclosed spaces (like exam rooms) can increase that likelihood.

Our primary goal is to not only help flatten the infection curve but also to keep it flat. Maintaining a closed lobby is one way we can accomplish that. We are still offering the same exemplary medical and surgical care. It just looks a little different from the outside.

Please continue to call when you arrive for your appointments and we will serve you and your pets as expeditiously as possible. We appreciate your understanding during this arduous time and the North Powers Animal Hospital team is here to assist you in any way we can. Hopefully we will soon see the end of this pandemic.

Stay well,

Dr. Welfare and the Team at North Powers Animal Hospital

April 6, 2020

Dear North Powers Animal Hospital Family and Friends,

I would like to assure you that we continue to closely monitor the quickly changing landscape around COVID-19. There is lots of information available, but much of it is not accurate or does not pertain to our situation here in Colorado. So I have gathered data from local sources to help you navigate our current situation.

  • Even with the Stay-at-Home order, North Powers Animal Hospital is still open. Veterinarians are deemed an essential business, so your pets can still receive care.
  • Routine care is encouraged. Annual vaccine help prevent additional infectious disease outbreaks, and the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association is actively recommending that veterinarians continue to vaccinate on a regular schedule.
  • We are taking significant precautions to minimize the risk of exposure to both you, our clients, and our staff.
    • Curbside service
    • Continuously cleaning and disinfecting the hospital
    • Wearing gloves and masks
    • Contactless transactions
  • Some Veterinary Hospitals are closing. If you have any family or friends that have lost their veterinary care we are happy to see them and will get them in as quickly as we can. Our goal is to make sure our community is protected.
  • We may recommend postponing some procedures. This will happen only if we deem that it WILL NOT put your pet at any increased risk.
  • Last, please keep yourselves safe. There are many good resources on how to do that. One of the most important things to do is not touch your face. Wearing a mask, bandana, or buff when you are out in public can help remind you not to touch your face.

If your pet needs care, and you have had a fever, shortness of breath, or a significant cough, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19; please try to find a friend or family member to bring your pet into the hospital. If that is not possible, please tell the staff when you make your appointment as we have specific protocols to help minimize the spread of this difficult virus.

While many clinics are closing amid the COVID-19 situation, North Powers Animal Hospital will remain open. Please tell your friends and family, like us on Facebook and give us a shout out on Nextdoor. We want to make sure we keep our community animals safe and healthy.

Stay Safe,
North Powers Animal Hospital

Dear North Powers Animal Hospital Family and Friends,

First, we would like to thank all our North Powers Animal Hospital families for their understanding during this unprecedented time. We are implementing some new policies in order to maintain an environment that minimizes the spread of COVID-19 and conserves our cleaning supplies.

Please, if you are ill, especially with fever or any respiratory signs, send someone else with your pet. Because we still have contact with the public we are asking for your help in reducing the spread of this disease.


Appointments will continue to be conducted with a few adjustments. We will be implementing curbside service for our clients. During this time, our lobby will remain closed to the public. A form will be made available to you to print off and fill out prior to your pet’s appointment. To the best of your ability, fill this form out and bring it for your pet’s appointment. Call us when you arrive for your pet’s appointment (719)282-1222, #2. One of our Patient Care Staff members will come to your car to retrieve your pet and the form. At this time you are more than welcome to remain in the parking lot or you may return when we call you after the doctor has conducted their full exam and diagnostics. The veterinarian will be in contact with you by phone to discuss their findings and any treatment they recommend. After the appointment, a receptionist will come to your car to conduct the transaction. We will continue to accept all major credit cards, Care Credit and cash. Your pet will be brought to your car with any medications and the Patient Care Staff member will explain those medications thoroughly. We do not want anyone to leave unsure of any issue their pet may have, so please feel free to ask questions of your Patient Care Staff member or your Veterinarian.


Surgeries will be conducted in the same fashion as appointments. Call the hospital upon arrival and a Patient Care Staff member will come get your pet from your car. As always ensure your dog or cat does not eat after 8pm the night before their procedure.


North Powers Animal Hospital will still be accommodating EMERGENCIES and will, in critical cases, allow those clients to enter the hospital. Please limit the number of people that accompany your pet. Our staff will be practicing social distancing, but will triage your pet in a timely manner.


In the sad case you need to EUTHANIZE your pet during this already strenuous time, a Patient Care Staff member will receive you, your family and your pet at the side door of our hospital. We will do everything in our power to ensure you and your pet are comfortable.

Food and Prescriptions

Regarding FOOD and PRESCRIPTIONS, North Powers Animal Hospital’s online pharmacy is continuing to conduct business during this time and can provide your pet with all the products they may need without you having to leave your home. Visit our online store here. We are keeping a close eye on any requests that come in through our online pharmacy so the turn around should be fairly quick. If you need to pick up a prescription from the hospital, please call ahead to request it. Then, after we have called you to let you know that the prescriptions ready, call us when you arrive at the hospital and we will bring your medications out to your car.

Let’s work together to ensure our four legged family members as well as we stay safe and healthy through this challenging time.

Thank you,

North Powers Animal Hospital